Enefeld is a London-based craft brewery making great beer using mineral water abstracted from deep underneath London’s clay.

We here at Enefeld combine modern innovations with traditional methods. Passionate about all things beer, we’re focused on making great tasting beer inspired by the worldwide craft beer movement. We’re methodical about our approach to brewing, not cutting corners and innovating yet staying true to the four key ingredients that make our beers – grain, yeast, hops and water.


Enefeld is the craft beer brand of the Enfield Brewery. Established in 2015, Enfield Brewery is an independent brewery based in Enfield, North London, right on the A406. We started because we were passionate about two things — great, consistent quality craft beer and great customer service. We’re focused on making great tasting beer inspired by the worldwide craft beer movement and help satisfy consumer demands for more choice in their beer selection.

You misspelt Enfield!

Enefeld (pronounced “EH n feld”) is an old spelling of Enfield as recorded in the domesday book, the earliest record of the area. We wanted to pay homage to the history of the area that we are brewing from. The area, located in the Lea Valley area, has excellent water resources which we tap into to make our entire range of beers.

Our Beers

Our Core Range consists of our London Pale Ale, London IPA, London Pilsner and London Porter:


We also do a range of seasonal specials. Please contact us to find out more.

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